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Stefanie Fair’s Husband Is Encouraging Her To Sing Again

The #TGTM star is thinking about revisiting her talent. 

Former child actress and Wild Orchid member, which she formed with Fergie, Stefanie Fair (of There Goes the Motherhood) reveals the reason behind her return to professional singing. 

In an interview with her costar Jill Spivack, Stefanie says her new song, "Better Version of Me," came about with some help from her husband, Ron Fair, a record executive. 

“You know I’m really trying to figure out [my singing career]” she says. “Singing as Stefanie Fair, I don’t know who that is. It brings up this fear of being judged and of failing. But the one thing, and it’s always a constant thing, and it always happens with Ron, is people will be over and he’ll say ‘come sing with me’ and we always like, get in fights. I’m like no, I don’t want to sing, I don’t want to sing. He laughs at me and we make a joke about it but I’m serious, I don’t feel comfortable, like it’s not something that’s comfortable for me anymore.”

Stefanie says she faces her singing “demons” on the show, and that she never thought her former career would become a storyline.

“It’s so surreal…I did not think this [my singing] was going to come up, and this is the real reality part of our show. I didn’t go on the show thinking I was going to be talking about my singing and it just came up,” she says. “I fought it, I definitely fought it through filming. And the more I would fight it the more my husband would push me because I think he secretly knew that this was something that I needed to deal with and the show I’m really grateful because it forced me to deal with it.”

On her new song, Stefanie says she wrote it with songwriter Steve Diamond and that she’s been writing female empowerment songs.

“Songwriting to me is almost like a therapy, if I would only take my own advice, but I wrote the song because every day I wake up and I really do try to be a better version of me,” she says. “I don’t have any expectations [on where my singing career will go], I’m really trying to not put that pressure I used to put on myself back in the day.”

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